CONNECT is a beginner/technical program which will be used as a stepping stone to both competitive teams and recreational paddling. Since not everyone who wants to paddle in a dragon boat is interested in competitive racing, this will be a perfect blend of both.

There will be a Spring and a Summer Program set up each year. Each Program will begin with four free introductory sessions held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. New paddlers will be able to attend as many of these sessions as they like before deciding if they want to join the CONNECT program.

Once the actual CONNECT program begins, your group will be autonomous and paddle together for six weeks (twice a week) with a focus on learning paddling techniques, building camaraderie, and experiencing the joy of being on the water.

At the end of the six-week program, the CONNECT paddlers will participate in a local dragon boat festival as a community team, if available, or a local round robin event against the Heart and Soul Teams.

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