Heart and Soul Dragonboat Club, located on Florida's Space Coast, is a team of athletes including breast cancer survivors and supporters who want to share in the mission of increased health and heartfelt friendships through dragon boating.


Heart and Soul "Sisters" - Breast Cancer Survivor Team

“After all of the treatments are done, the checkups over, and you get a clean bill of health, you’re still not back to yourself. Survivors often think, ‘OK, now what?’ You don’t want to talk about it. You still feel bad. This gives survivors a chance to do something, a place to go to move forward, and a way to feel camaraderie as we strive for a common goal,” Beth said

Thanks to the oncologist in Canada who discovered the benefits of dragon boating to his breast cancer patients. It really is a like a "floating" support group on the water. The bonds and friendships you develop along the way are simply icing on the cake.

Every four years a breast cancer survivor participatory festival is held that hosts over 120 breast cancer survivor dragon boat teams from all over the world. The Heart and Soul Breast Cancer Survivor Team participated in the 2014 IDBPC event held in Sarasota, Florida. In July 2018 we attended the next one in Florence, Italy.

Support Teams

Premier Women's Team
Club Mixed Team
Men's Team

Although the Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Team was originally started as a breast cancer survivors team, it quickly piqued the interest of others here in Brevard County.  Beth wanted to provide those individuals with the same opportunity to improve their overall health and fitness through dragon boating.

In 2015 Heart and Soul established two teams, one Breast Cancer Survivor Team, and one Supporters Team.  Over the last couple of years, Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Team has grown to three supporter teams.

Many supporter team members have also been affected by cancer through loved ones and friends and understand our mission for cancer awareness and prevention.

We all have the same goal - to improve our health and fitness, have fun and to support the efforts of our "Sisters" surrounding cancer awareness.


Team News

The Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Team not only practices three days a week, we also participate and host several events throughout the year. Whether you are interested in reading about our introductory paddling sessions, community events, our socials, race and festival results or other miscellaneous items check out our "Team News Updates" listed below.

Paddling Restrictions

By Dawn Shanks | January 30, 2021

What a crazy year we had in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic raIsed havoc for our team and the dragon boat community as a whole. It’s rather hard to social distance in a dragon boat causing team practices to be cancelled, the international Club Crew Championship scheduled for France was cancelled and all our local festivals…

Heart and Soul Women attend SRDBA Regionals in Sarasota, Florida

By Dawn Shanks | May 13, 2019

Heart & Soul sent two teams to participate in the SRDBA Regionals held on Saturday, May 11th in Sarasota, Florida.  Both teams exceeded their previous best times in all events (200m, 500m and the 2k) which in itself was an amazing accomplishment.  The BCS team won Bronze in their division and the Sr B Women’s…

Heart & Soul attend Space Coast Dragon Boat Camp

By Dawn Shanks | May 3, 2019

Every April dragon boat paddlers from across the country, Canada and beyond converge to Oars and Paddles Park for a week-long training camp.  Space Coast Dragon Boat Camp has been training dragon boat paddlers for many years and Heart and Soul   is fortunate that this camp is right in our back yard.  Thanks to a local…

Team Member Awarded Hype Mattingly Scholarship​

By Dawn Shanks | April 29, 2019

Danielle Raines is awarded the Hype Mattingly Scholarship enabling her to attend the BOW Dragon Boat Training Camp.  Hype was an amazing coach, paddler, advocate for women in dragon boating and so much more.   We are so proud of Danielle. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Maria Cochran brings home GOLD

By Dawn Shanks | April 4, 2019

Heart and Soul team member, Maria Cochran also paddles with the Tarpons Dragon Boat Team.  She recently participated in the Pan American Club Crew Championship held in Tobago and brought home the GOLD!! We are all so very excited for her accomplishments, especially Danielle and Leigh 🙂

New Members

By Dawn Shanks | April 4, 2019

Welcome to our newest members who were “Bitten By The Dragon”!!

Team USA Members

By Dawn Shanks | April 3, 2019

Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Team members have earned a spot on the TEAM USA Dragon Boat Team. In 2018, two members, Jacie Stivers and Kevin Kaylor made the team and participated last year in China.  In 2019, three new members earned a spot on the 2019 TEAM USA, Donna and Bob Hobrick and Maria…

Mirabay Dragon Boat festival

By admindb | March 18, 2019

What an amazing day for Heart and Soul Dragon Boat team at the Mirabay Dragon Boat festival in Apollo Beach. The premier mixed 10-person boat took Gold, placed first in 200 m and 400 m. (Dragon trophy and medals).??Womens Senior team placed 2nd in 200 m and 400 m getting them a Silver medal?BCS team…


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